I’ve spent nearly the last two decades stepping into situations that required radical change in order to turn a piece of business or group of leaders in the direction of success.

The requirements of change are quite unique in each situation, and I’ve experienced firsthand a wide range of complex circumstances to help establish myself (humbly) as a Leader of Change.

I’ve learned that certain leadership characteristics partnered with leadership skills create an environment where Change thrives. Patience in the process of change follows very close in the order of importance, primarily because there is no specific roadmap that dictates how the change process will work itself out in each scenario.

Allowing the characteristics to be developed and refined in my various experiences has positioned me to see change succeed in those environments.

The change process also requires specific leadership skills in order to execute vital tasks, or what I call ‘the nuts and bolts of the work’. This list of skills assists in keeping the target group prioritized, establishing clear goals for measurement of change, and creating wins along the journey of Change to keep motivation optimal. At this point on the road to Change consistency and accountability are key to ensure the components of the process are both introduced appropriately, and there is a clear pathway with boundaries established for everyone involved in the process.

I’ve mentored individual leaders as well as led operational regions in identifying the need(s) for change followed by a partnership in the strategic development of individualized approaches to set a pathway for Change to occur. One absolute is that the Change Process requires a deep level of commitment, and let’s be real, Change is rarely a joyride! Yet if we take an honest assessment, Change is what catapults individuals or companies forward successfully into the future, or lack thereof/refusal to change spells out inevitable failure and defeat.

You may be in the midst of a situation that requires the need for immediate Change, or you may be starting a new business venture that needs to be positioned for sustainable success, or you may simply want to jumpstart yourself or your team, if any of the above situations apply to you, I’d love to have a conversation about the road that lies ahead.

Jason Channell, CEO & Change Catalyst

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